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Your user journey

The Energy Loop - here's how our simple, free online service works:


Step 1

Click on your housing type to receive a list of tailored energy solutions for your home


Step 2

Select your preferred solution(s) from your list


Step 3

We then busy ourselves finding you an installer and a quote...


Step 4

If you're happy to go ahead, click to select a convenient time and date


Step 5

Your trusted local installer will soon be on his way


Step 6

If you wish, payment can be deducted from your salary in your choice of affordable installments

All of our solutions are tailored to your specific type of housing

Do you live in a detached, semi detached, terraced, or off-gas home? We take this into consideration and then recommend the best options for you.

Start small & build

You may wish to start small and go from there. Our energy starter packs containing LED bulbs and other more affordable essentials, can be the perfect place to start your energy saving journey. Or if you have a particular need in mind, you are welcome to select from your personalised list of options.

No need to spend time searching online for reliable local tradesmen.

We have a network of accredited and insured installers to work with our customers.

Easy finance options

For larger solutions (a boiler or solar panels for example), we spread the cost so that you can get started right away. Thanks to the option to pay as you go,there are no large up front charges. Payment can simply be deducted from your salary in affordable monthly amounts.