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Our mission is to make one million homes more energy efficient by 2020

We give you the power to team up with your work colleagues and get the latest energy efficient kit for your home.

This is how it works

Get your employer on the case

If your company isn’t already part of The Energy Loop, don’t worry. We have everything you need to get the ball rolling in our Employers section on this site.

Choose your energy saving tech

We have a selection of the latest technology to give your home the energy-efficient power it deserves. You’ll have a chance to get your hands on everything from a smart thermostat to a brand new boiler, and our simple guides help you make the right decision. We want everyone to get what’s right for their home.

Get a quote for installation by our experts

Once you’ve decided what you need, we can prepare a personalised quote based on the collective buying deals exclusive to The Energy Loop. Our prices can be 25% - 50% cheaper than anywhere else, and your installation is taken care of by trusted experts who’ll ensure there’s no fuss setting up your new kit.

Start saving money

It’s the power of collective action that makes our prices so much better than anywhere else. The Energy Loop constantly searches the market for the best new equipment and offers them to you as group-buys. As soon as your installation is done and dusted, you’ll be saving cash with your new smart tech.


How do I sign up to The Energy Loop?

We're a workplace benefit - that means we need to speak to your employer to get your company set up. Let us know who they are here.

Who is responsible for installation?

Our network of trusted installers look after you before, during and after installation to make sure everything works out as it should.

What does the price include?

All Energy Loop prices include the technology itself and the fitting service. The costs vary depending on exact models and the complexity of the installation - it's most important to us that you get the right technology for you.